Indulge in some pure relaxation..pamper yourself

Body Treatments


Indulgent Full Body Scrub (60 minutes)        $75


This is a beautiful one hour treatment which includes:
- a full body dry brush exfoliation,
- followed by a gorgeous sugar and salt scrub infused with the    essential oils of peppermint, lime, lemongrass and grapefruit, 
- finished off with Aloe vera body moisturiser.

(I like to throw in a little swedish massage too)

This treatment promises to put you into a relaxation coma :)

Infrared Sauna

25 minute session                        $30

Seaweed and Clay Body Wrap  (1.5 hrs)   $110

Detoxifying, Remineralising, Healing

Helps with Joint and Muscle pain and inflammation

Firming and Toning

Aids Sports recovery, Bruises and Injury

*Includes salt exfoliation and aromatherapy oils

Herbal Body Wrap       (1.5 hrs)                      $100

Soothing, Calming, Helps Relieve Stress

Treats Fluid Retention

Aids in Lymphatic Drainage

Nourishes the Skin

*Includes dry brush exfoliation and aromatherapy oils